We help schools and other community organisations on a regular basis by donating gift vouchers for the cinema for raffles etc. Simply send us a letter to PO box 324 Masterton, or pop in and have a chat (when we are not busy!). We ask that you acknowledge us in your newsletter and sponsor list.

Did you know you can organise a private fundraiser at the cinema with almost any film you can imagine, including the latest films. We regularly have groups who do well out of this. If you are keen and think you can organise a 100 or so people to come support your cause or occasion then come in and talk to us, or email

Some food for thought- You'll get a special rate from us on our normal ticket prices, and then you can sell your tickets at $17 (example) a head. You could potentially fundraise over $1000 from just one show!

Get in touch and we can advise you the best way to go about this.